Who We Are

BET provides a pre‑apprenticeship program model that encompasses education, occupational skills training, leadership development, and high‑quality post‑program placement opportunities. BET is a community‑based alternative education program for youth between the ages of 16 and 24 who have dropped out or at risk of dropping out of high school, unemployed and/or low-income.

The BET program simultaneously addresses multiple core issues important to youth in low‑income communities such as, affordable housing, leadership development, education, and employment opportunities. 

The BET model balances project‑based academic learning and vocational skills training to prepare youth for career placement, retention and advancement. The program includes basic computer and resume building skills to ensure all participants can compete virtually in the trades field. The occupational skills training component prepares participants for an apprenticeship and hands‑on training. BET will also aim to address affordable and safe housing by partnering with community development organizations and teaching participants construction skills, which will be used to advance affordable and mixed income housing for low‑income families and individuals.

Who We Serve?

BET focuses on at‑risk youth including youth

Ages 16 to 24



Justice Involved

Who are we helping

Economic advancement increases through access to quality workforce education, training, and career opportunities.We focus our efforts where the benefits to people, business, and society are greatest. This program aims to serve individuals and communities affected by poverty, companies facing a vanishing labor pool, and young adults who may lack resources to enroll and complete 4‑year degree programs or schools.

Core Values

BET employs professional individuals specializing in workforce development, industrial manufacturing, electrical contracting and safety training. Our staff collaborates with community organizations, local businesses, and employers in the Chicagoland.  We have in‑person training centers, online e‑courses, and offer hands‑on training with local contractors.

BET’s Professional Talent

  • We recruit professionals from every field that can guide you be a shining personality in your working place.
  • ​Human resources are there, which educate you to be a mediator in between organization and management.
  • Financial Advisors and accountants acknowledge you about best investments and statistics management.
  • ​Engineers and contractors allow you to be visionary about seeing and building advanced world.
  • ​For self employment, entrepreneurs are available to give you best advices.
  • Sports and other youth organizers are providing opportunities in other fields of life.
  • ​Our educators educate you about different skills and techniques regarding specific fields.

What Our Students Have to Say