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About Us

The Office of Work‑Based Learning and Apprenticeship is comprised of a unique blend of industry and education professionals who have extensive experience implementing work-based learning programs along with vocational trades.  Brother’s Employment & Training was created in 2022 and is comprised of a variety of private and public sector members representing industries from health care, engineering, and teaching.

BET’s Professional Talent

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Accountants, Human Resources and
Financial Advisors

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Engineers, Contractors, Educators and Entrepreneurs

We Offer Training & Coaching Program!

Our program provides a comprehensive learning experience with on‑the‑job‑training and technical skills education, increasing employment attainment and retainment. BET includes the following program components:

Financial Literacy

Soft Skills

Resume building


Social Media Management for Businesses

Business Tax Filings


BET partners with educational institutions, community organizations and local businesses to ensure a comprehensive program.